String Theory - 2º Semester 2020/2021

Lecturer: Gabriel Lopes Cardoso
Office: Departamento de Matemática, 5th floor, room 5.42
Classes: Tuesday, Thursday 10h-12h, online, on zoom. Starts on March 2.


Bosonic string: Polyakov action, open and closed string; quantization.

Introduction to conformal field theory.

String interactions: tree-level and one-loop amplitudes.

Compactification and T-duality: toroidal compactication, closed strings and T-duality.

Fermionic string. RNS string. GSO projection.

Modular invariance.

Low energy effective actions.

Buscher duality.


A Primer on String Theory, Volker Schomerus, 2017, Cambridge University Press.

Basic Concepts of String Theory, Ralph Blumenhagen, Dieter Lüst, Stefan Theisen, 2013, Springer.

Quantum Fields and Strings: A Course for Mathematicians, Vol. 2, 1999, American Mathematical Society, IAS.

String Theory, Joseph Polchinski, 1998, Cambridge University Press. What is String Theory?

Superstring Theory, M.B. Green, J.H. Schwarz and E. Witten, 1987, Cambridge University Press.

Paul Ginsparg: Applied Conformal Field Theory.


Homework assignments (60%) + Project (40%)


Project (due July 5).

Weekly assignments

Homework assignment 1 (due March 18).

Homework assignment 2 (due April 1).

Homework assignment 3 (due April 15).

Homework assignment 4 (due April 29).

Homework assignment 5 (due May 13).

Homework assignment 6 (due May 27).