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Member of String Theory and Mathematical Physics @ IST

Mathematical Physics Courses

Information about LisMath, a joint PhD program of ULisboa, can be found here.

Program of available Mathematical Physics Courses @ IST.

Mathematical Physics Courses @ IST offered in 2021/22:


     • Conformal Field Theory, by Ricardo Schiappa (PhD level)

     • Renormalization Group, by Gabriel Lopes Cardoso (Master's level)

     • Mathematical Quantum Mechanics, by Ricardo Schiappa (Master's level)

     • Algebraic and Geometric Methods in Engineering and Physics, by John Huerta (Master's level)


     • String Theory, by Gabriel Lopes Cardoso (PhD level)

     • Mathematical Relativity, by José Natário & Jorge Silva (PhD level)


The String Theory and Mathematical Physics Group @ IST was part of the COST Network The String Theory Universe.

     • Upcoming Iberian Strings 2021, IST, Portugal, January 19-22, 2021.

     • Upcoming Online International Workshop on Black Holes, BPS and Quantum Information, IST, Lisbon, September 20-24 2021.

     • Upcoming Iberian Strings 2022, Gijon, Spain, March 23-25 2022.

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