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I started my position at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) on April 1, 2009, as holder of the Invited Research Chair in String Theory and Mathematical Physics at CAMGSD, a research center of the Department of Mathematics of IST.

This Chair was made possible by joint funding from the Portuguese Science Foundation (FCT) under the Invited Research Chairs initiative, the CAMGSD research center, the Department of Mathematics of IST, and IST.

To commemorate the start of this Chair, a three-day international conference on the Physics and Geometry of String Theory, entitled The IST String Fest , was held at IST on June 29 - July 1, 2009. The talks of the conference are online .

Mathematical Physics Courses 2018/19

Information about LisMath, a joint PhD program of ULisboa, can be found here.

Courses at IST :


     • Feynman Integral and Applications, by José Mourão (PhD level)

     • Mathematical Quantum Mechanics, by Ricardo Schiappa (Master's level)


     • String Theory, by Gabriel Lopes Cardoso (PhD level)

     • Mathematical Relativity, by Pedro Girão (PhD level)

The course program is available here.

Courses at FCUL:


     • Topics in Mathematical Methods, by Nicolas Van Goethem (PhD level)

     • Introduction to Random Matrix Theory, by Miguel Tierz (PhD level)


The String Theory and Mathematical Physics Group was part of the COST Network The String Theory Universe.

     • Upcoming Iberian Strings 2019, Barcelona, Spain, January 23-25, 2019.

     • Upcoming 8th IST Lecture Series in Algebraic Geometry & Physics, IST, Lisbon, February 18-20 2019.

     • Upcoming (Ir)regular singularities and Quantum Field Theory, FCUL, Lisbon, July 8-11 2019.

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