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Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) are of fundamental importance in mathematics and although major progress in their study has recently been achieved, many deep challenges remain. Developments are motivated not only by advances in pure and applied mathematics but also by new issues in the physical and biomedical sciences, and many other applied disciplines.

The mathematical modelling of physiological problems leads to complex systems of PDES and to computational challenges related to their heterogeneous and multiscale nature. This requires highly integrated and efficient numerical algorithms and high performance computing techniques for their simulation.

This workshop brings together leading experts and young researchers and its main goal is to promote national and international exchange of recent developments in the analysis and numerical simulation of PDEs, and its applications with particular emphasis to biomedical problems.

Project "Research Lines of Excellence"- EXCL/MAT-NAN/0114/2012
"Mathematical and Computational Modeling of Human Physiology: PHYSIOMATH"