String Theory

Research Grants

FCT: GASonSQuaT-PTDC/MAT-OUT/28784/2017
Geometrical and Algebraic Structures on the Space of Quantum Theories

FCT: EXCL/MAT-GEO/0222/2012
Geometry and Mathematical Physics

FCT: PTDC/MAT/119689/2010
Geometry of Quantization

FCT/DAAD: FCT/DAAD/2010-2011
Black Holes, Duality and String Theory

FCT/CERN: CERN/FP/116386/2010
Nonperturbative Quantum Strings and Blackfolds

FCT/CERN: CERN/FP/109344/2009
Non-Perturbative String Theory and Black Holes at LHC

FCT: PTDC/MAT/101503/2008
New Geometry and Topology

FCT/CERN: POCI/FP/63916/2005
Symmetries, Gravity and Strings

FCT: POCI/MAT/60352/2004
Quantum Topology

FCT: POCI/MAT/58549/2004
Moduli Spaces and String Theory

Nonperturbative Aspects of Fields and Strings

FCT: POCTI/FNU/38004/2001
String Theory in Curved Space

FCT: POCTI/MAT/35175/99
Categorical Ideas in Gauge Theory and Applications in Low-Dimensional Topology

FCT: POCTI/MAT/33943/99
Moduli Spaces, Integrability and String Theory