\ Autumn School and Workshop, November 9-13, 2015, IST, Lisbon Portugal

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Mathematical modeling and simulations in the Life Sciences is a very ambitious and rapidly developing interdisciplinary research field that connects mathematics, computational sciences and engineering to biology and medicine.

Starting from high-resolution volumetric medical imaging, the development of spatially realistic physiological models for predictive medicine leads to complex mathematical models to capture heterogeneous processes of multiscale nature, that require highly efficient numerical algorithms and high performance computing techniques for their simulation.

The aim of he School and the Workshop is to bring together doctoral candidates, postdoctoral scientists and graduates in applied mathematics, bioengineering and medicine, who wish to be involved in this fascinating research field, giving them the opportunity to make scientific interactions and new connections with established experts in the different topics covered by these events, namely:

  • Fluid-structure interaction problems in hemodynamics
  • Reduced models for the cardiovascular system
  • Geometrical multiscale modeling of the circulatory system
  • Data assimilation in computational hemodynamics
  • Isogeometric analysis in Biomechanics
  • Medical imaging and image processing
  • Modeling and simulation of inflammation and thrombosis processes

We invite you to join us during this week to participate in both the Autumn School and the Workshop

The Organizers.

PHYSIOMATH: "Mathematical and Computational Modeling of Human Physiology"

Project "Research Lines of Excellence"- EXCL/MAT-NAN/0114/2012