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All lectures during the Thematic Period will be recorded, and recordings will be accessible on this webpage shortly after the actual lectures. It is one of our goals in this Thematic Period to provide such a service to the Matrix Models and Geometry broader international community.

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Latest Update (16/04/10): New lectures by Kostov online.


Speaker:Marcel Vonk (IST Lisbon)
Title:An Introduction to Calabi-Yau Geometry and Topological String Theory
Remarks:There were some technical difficulties in recording the video of lecture 2. To keep the archive as complete as possible, we have posted a low-res captured video of the editing screen and transcripts of the blackboards.

Lecture 1 (29/09/09)
Lecture 2 (01/10/09) (PDF blackboard transcripts)
Lecture 3 (02/10/09)

Speaker:Michele Cirafici (IST Lisbon)
Title:Calabi-Yau Crystals and Topological Strings
Remarks:The first few minutes of lecture 1 are slightly out of focus - this improves after 5 minutes.

Lecture 1 (06/10/09)
Lecture 2 (08/10/09)
Lecture 3 (09/10/09)
Lecture 4 (15/12/09)
Lecture 5 (16/12/09)
Lecture 6 (18/12/09)

Speaker:Nicholas Orantin (CERN Geneva)
Title:From Discrete Surfaces and Matrix Models to Topological Recursions

Lecture 1 (13/10/09)
Lecture 2 (15/10/09)
Lecture 3 (16/10/09)
Lecture 4 (20/10/09)
Lecture 5 (22/10/09)
Lecture 6 (23/10/09)

Speaker:Albrecht Klemm (Bonn University)
Title:Large N Methods in Topological String Theory

Lecture 1 (02/11/09)
Lecture 2 (03/11/09)
Lecture 3 (04/11/09)

Speaker:Gaëtan Borot (IPhT Saclay)
Title:A Matrix Model for Simple Hurwitz Numbers and the Bouchard-Mariño Conjecture

Lecture 1 (05/11/09) (PDF slides)

Speaker:Bertrand Eynard (IPhT Saclay)
Title:Matrix Models for Partitions, Plane Partitions and Topological Vertex Formulae

Lecture 1 (10/11/09)
Lecture 2 (12/11/09)
Lecture 3 (13/11/09)
Lecture 4 (16/11/09)
Lecture 5 (17/11/09)

Speaker:Hirotake Irie (NTU, Taiwan)
Title:Macroscopic Loop Amplitudes in the Multi-Cut Matrix Models

Lecture 1 (18/11/09) (PDF slides)

Speaker:Camillo Imbimbo (Genoa U. & INFN, Genoa)
Title:The Coupling of Chern-Simons Theory to Topological Gravity and Topological Strings

Lecture 1 (02/12/09) (PDF slides for both talks)
Lecture 2 (09/12/09)

Speaker:Ivan Kostov (CEA-Saclay, Paris)
Title:Matrix Models as Conformal Field Theories

Lecture 1 (08/04/10)
Lecture 2 (12/04/10)
Lecture 3 (14/04/10)

Speaker:Leonid Chekhov (Steklov, Moscow)
Title:Quantum Riemann Surfaces and Matrix Models

Lecture 1 (27/04/10)
Lecture 2 (29/04/10)

Speaker:Sara Pasquetti (CERN, Geneva)
Title:Nonperturbative Effects in Matrix Models and Topological Strings

Lecture 1 (26/04/10)
Lecture 2 (28/04/10)
Lecture 3 (30/04/10)

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