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The workshop will be held at the The Lisbon Academy of Sciences, located at

Rua da Academia das Ciências, 19, 1249-122, Lisbon

whithin one of Lisbon's most charismathic quarters, known as the Principe Real (see map below) .

The Rato Metro Station (Yellow Line) is at an enjoyable walking distance (1.1 km) from the Lisbon Academy of Sciences:

Another interesting alternative is the Baixa-Chiado Station (Green Line), taking the Chiado (Largo do Chiado) way out:

Buses 92, 706, 727, 758, 773 or the Tramway 28 are also possible options to reach the neighbourhood.

Having lunch around the Lisbon Academy of Sciences

We have prepared a list with some suggested restaurants, within a 550 meters neighborhood, that you can choose for the lunch break.
Please find it here.

If 100 meters longer is nothing for you, you can try Tascacardoso, O Prego na Peixaria, or many others in Principe Real:


Located in the major business district, not far from the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum is the

Hotel Vip Zurique (✭✭✭ )

From there, you can easily take the Metro (Campo Pequeno) to Rato as shown here:

For those wishing to stay in a quieter environment, closer to the IST campus, we suggest

ASLisboa (✭✭✭ )

To reach the Workshop from ASLisboa, we suggest to take the Green line at the Alameda station (cross the street from the Hotel), heading to Baixa-Chiado station. Once there, make sure you take the Chiado (Largo do Chiado) way out, enjoy a coffee at Café Brasileira, and then walk to Rua da Academia das Ciências, as shown here:

Besides, several other hotels, hostels and residences are located in the surrounding area of the Academy of Sciences and towards the historic centre that lies on the banks of the Tagus river.

Among these, we have selected the following ones:

Monte Belverde Hotel (✭✭✭ )
Located close to the Santa Catarina view point (Chiado area), 10 min walking distance (mostly uphill) to the Academy.

Hotel Botanico (✭✭✭ )
Located close to Principe Real Garden, 8 min walking distance (mostly downhill) to the Academy.

Lisbon São Bento Hotel (✭✭✭ )
Located close to Rato Metro station, 10/15 min walking distance to the Academy.

Workshop Dinner

The Workshop Dinner will be held at Varanda de Lisboa Restaurant on Monday, November 13th. The address is: Praça Martim Moniz 2 1100-341 Lisboa, Portugal. It is located very close to both Metro Stations "Rossio" and "Martim Moniz". See the map here:

Local Transportation

Please consult the Lisbon public transportation website for further information metro, buses and trains.


Lisbon is an enchainting city and worth visiting and appreciating. Please take a moment to read this review on Lisbon and consult the Lisbon touristic information, events in Lisbon and Portugal touristic information.