String Theory - 2º Semester 2011/2012

Lecturer: Gabriel Lopes Cardoso
Gabinete: Departamento de Matemática, 3 º piso, sala 3.16
Classes: Wednesday 16h-18h (room P9) & Friday 16h-18h (room P1)


Goal: Introduce the basic notions of string theory, together with an introduction to selected advanced research topics.

Bosonic Strings: Polyakov action, covariant quantization, open strings and closed strings; S-matrix, tree-level and one-loop amplitudes; Riemann surfaces and CFT.

D-Branes and Dualities: Toroidal compactication, closed strings and T-duality; Orbifolds; D-branes, T-duality and Wilson lines; Gauge theory and Born-Infeld electrodynamics.

Superstrings: Superstrings of type I and II, Ramond and Neveu-Schwarz sectors, modular invariance and GSO projection; Superstring interactions; Calabi-Yau compacti cations.

More on D-Branes and Dualities: T-duality; D-brane interactions: kinematics, dynamics and bound states; S-duality, U-duality, M-theory and other dualities; Black holes and AdS/CFT.

Topological String Theory: Chern-Simons theory; Kaehler and Calabi-Yau geometry; Topological models, A and B models; Mirror symmetry; Large N dualities and matrix models; OSV conjecture.


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David Tong: Lectures on String Theory.

Paul Ginsparg: Applied Conformal Field Theory.