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I.  The International Workshop on Analysis and Numerical 

Approximation of Singular Problems (IWANASP):

Communications on Pure and Applied Analysis  Volume 5, Number 2, June 2006 
Selected papers presented at IWANASP04, Lisbon, Portugal, November 10-12, 2004.
Edited by Tang, T. , Diogo, T.,  Lima, P.

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
Volume 229, Issue 2, Pages 333-490 (15 July 2009)

Selected papers presented at IWANASP06September 5-8, 2006, at the Aegean University, Karlovassi, Samos, Greece
Edited by C.T.H. Baker, T. Diogo, G. Flessas, P. Lima, A. Makroglou and J. Shen

Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics
Volume 234, Issue 9, Pages 2617-2902 (1 September 2010)

Selected papers presented at IWANASP08, September 10-12, 2008, Ericeira, Portugal
Edited by Christopher T.H. Baker, Teresa Diogo, Neville J. Ford, Pedro M. Lima and Adélia Sequeira


Volume 114, Pages 1-220 (April 2017)

Selected papers presented at IWANASP15,  October 22-24, 2015, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal
 Edited by Teresea Diogo, Neville Ford, Zdzislaw Jackiewicz, Pedro Lima, Luisa Morgado and Magda Rebelo

II. Other conferences:

Lima, Pedro M.; Diogo, M. Teresa (guest editors),  Conference Proceedings   Volume: 1281 (2010)  
Papers presented at the Symposium on Numerical Approximation and Extrapolation Methods for Ordinary Differential and Volterra Integral Equations, at the  International Conference on Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics (ICNAAM 2010), sept. 19-25, 2010, Rhodes, Greece. Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics, VOLS I-III  Book Series: AIP 

 Book Editor(s): Psihoyios, G; Tsitouras, C