Lisbon, April 6-8, 2010




The Advanced School on Integral Equations and related topics  will take place at

 Instituto Superior Técnico. It consists of several short courses and a workshop.


Short courses


·        Cordial Volterra integral equations  (abs)

Gennadi Vainikko (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland & Tartu University, Estonia)

·        Fredholm integral equations and spectral computations (abs)

Filomena Almeida (FEUP,  University of Porto), Paulo Vasconcelos (FEP, University of Porto)

·        Integro-differential equations for non-Fickian diffusion: theoretical  and numerical analysis (abs)

Sílvia Barbeiro, José Augusto Ferreira (FCT, University of Coimbra)




Confirmed invited talks

·       Integral Equation Modelling of Electromagnetic Scattering by Waveguides   (abs)

 Luís Castro  (University of Aveiro)

·       Integral equations in BVPs and  the method of  fundamental  solutions  (abs)

Nuno Martins (FCT/UNL, New University of Lisbon)


Contributed talks

·        Iterative refinement of approximate solutions of Fredholm integral equations of the second kind (abs)

Rosário Fernandes (University of Minho, Braga)

·        On nonlinear singular Volterra integral equations (abs)

Magda Rebelo (FCT/UNL, New University of Lisbon)

·        Explicit solutions of a singular integral equation with Carlerman shift (abs)

Edixon Rojas (University of Aveiro)

·        Analytical and numerical solutions of linear integral equations for bounded
operators by using the theory of reproducing kernels


Saburou Saitoh (University of Aveiro)

·        Non-Fickian delay reaction-diffusion equations (abs)


Pascoal Silva (Instituto Superior de Engenharia, Coimbra)


·        Solutions of Integral Equations of Wiener-Hopf plus Hankel type with Almost Periodic Elements (abs)

Anabela Silva (University of Aveiro)





There are no registration fees

Submission of abstracts no later than March 26


Students  are especially encouraged  to attend this school and to give a contributed talk (20 min), on a related topic.

Poster presentation may be possible.

In order to register  please send an email to the organiser Teresa Diogo




*In collaboration with the Seminar on Functional Analysis and Applications





Research Centres CEMAT, CEAF and FCT Project:  PTDC/MAT/101867/2008


Photo by T. Diogo (Nov 20, 2009)