Special Session # 28: Higher Dimensional Algebra in Geometry and Quantum Field Theory
  10 - 13 June, 2015, Porto, Portugal

Slides etc. related to some of the talks from this special session.

Paolo Aschieri: Noncommutative Chern-Simons gauge and gravity theories and their geometric Seiberg-Witten map

Alberto Cattaneo: Perturbative BV-BFV theories on manifolds with boundary

Aleksandar Mikovic: Canonical quantization of Poincare BFCG theory

Ingo Runkel: Defects, orbifolds and spin

Urs Schreiber: Obstruction theory for parameterized higher WZW terms

Christoph Schweigert: Symmetries and defects in three-dimensional topological field theory

Friedrich Wagemann: On the string Lie algebra

Christoph Wockel: Bisections of Lie groupoids as a link between infinite-dimensional and higher geometry

Any other contributions or photos welcome.