Quality assurance of computer simulations of certain systems in the environmental and medical sciences

Project supported by CRUP and BRITISH COUNCIL (Portugal)

Acções Integradas Luso-Britânicas, projecto B-15/08


Starting date: April 2008; Duration: 1 year

Participating Institutions:

1.     Instituto Superior Técnico /Universidade Técnica de Lisboa

2.     University of Chester

Research Team:

From Instituto Superior Técnico:

Pedro Lima (Coordinator), PhD

José Manuel Ferreira,  PhD

Teresa Diogo, PhD

Filomena Teodoro   (PhD Student)

Magda Rebelo  (PhD Student)


 From the University of Chester:

Neville Ford, (Coordinator), PhD

Patricia Lumb, University of Chester, PhD

Enu-Ebari Nwamue (PhD student)

Md Abdul Malique (PhD student)

Rita Potter (PhD student)

Garfield Southall (PhD student)

Project Summary

We propose to develop computer-based ('in-silico') simulation models for certain problems in the environmental sciences and immunology to enable predictions to be made without the necessity to conduct traditional experiments. The particular models contain memory effects and time delays of the sort frequently encountered in these applications areas. The project is concerned with the need to have accurate models and to be able to simulate them reliably. Thus we shall be concerned with the choice of algorithms to assure the quality of solutions of the mathematical formulations of the problems. We shall also consider alternative (artificial intelligence-based) approaches to providing simulations.