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[Foto] Pedro Santos at IST Mathematical Department

Pedro Alexandre Simões dos Santos

Professor Auxiliar, Departamento de Matemática
Instituto Superior Técnico



Phone: (+351) 214 233 264



My research interests are vast and include, among other subjects, mathematics, games and history. On a professional level, though, until now I have restricted myself to the area of functional analysis, operator theory, game theory and design, web applications and multiagent systems. My main contributions to the advance of knowledge were on difraction theory, on approximation methods for convolution operators, and on an axiomatic algebraic approach to stability of approximation sequences. Recently, I did work on Social Dilemmas, the application of AI techniques to videogames and on Multiagent systems

Published work


You can view here a list of my published papers

Book on non-commutative Gelfand theories

I wrote, together with Bernd Silbermann of TU Chemnitz and Steffen Roch of TU Darmstadt, a book on Non-commutative Gelfand theories in Banach Algebras, published by Springer.

Research center

I work integrated in the "Centro de Análise Funcional" (CEAF)

I am an Associate Researcher of "INESC-ID"



I have given Classes of Linear Algebra, Mathematical Analysis II and Mathematical Analysis III to Engineering Students, and Operator Algebras to Applied Mathematics students. Together with colleagues from Informatics, I currently teach a course on Game Design and Development, and another on Game Technology and Simulation. I have also been scientific advisor on several Diploma and Master thesis, on subjects ranging from Mathematics to Informatics.

Teaching related work

Besides classes, I have been interested in the techniques and technology to transmit knowledge. You can view here a list of some of my teaching related work in the last years.



Current Projects

Portuguese textbook on operator algebras

I am currently preparing, together with a colleague, a portuguese textbook for our course on Operator Algebras.

Past Projects

These projects are "past" in the sense that I worked in their start but no longer have responsibilities in them. It does not mean necessarily that they have finished. Quite the contrary.

QUC 2.0

QUC (Qualidade das Unidades Curriculares) is the quality assurance system for IST courses, involving the students, faculty and adminstration. In 2009-2012, I coordinated a team with the objective of improving the usability and efficiency of the system. The new version was deployed and is currently in use.

CAL (Computer Assisted Learning)

The initial objective of this project was to introduce the new information age technologies as tools to support the learning and teaching process in the basic mathematics courses for engineers. This project was the inspiration and has given birth to the two projects below.


The objective of this project was to create a complete Academic Information System that supports the learning and teaching process, together with Student Management, Schedules and Classroom Management, etc. Fénix system is already deployed for a population of around 10000 Students, 900 Faculty and 600 Administrative staff at IST, and has been adopted by several other Higher education institutions.


An internet portal dedicated to the dissemination of knowledge in basic sciences in Portuguese. This is e-escola. It has already grown to hundreds of pages, dozens of interactive materials and tens of thousands of visitors per month.


Biographical Information

  • I was born in 1968;
  • Graduated in Applied Mathematics and Computation in October 1991;
  • Worked as a volunteer teacher in S. Tomé e Príncipe to September 1992;
  • Masters Degree in Applied Mathematics, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisboa, in 1994;
  • PhD in Mathematics, Technische Universität Chemnitz, Sachsen, in 1998;
  • I am Assistant Professor in Instituto Superior Técnico since 1998;
  • I was member of the Directive Council of IST in 2001 and 2002, charged with Academic and Informatic Affairs;
  • I was Vice-President of the Pedagogical Council of IST from 2008 to 2012.


Personal interests

History and Arqueology

To uncover the mysteries of our past is fascinating. Who lived before, and how they lived.

Simulation Boardgames

A great way to socialize, learn history, and have agood time. There are hundreds of different games, covering all periods of time, and all scales of space. For nice portals on the subject try the Grognards or Consimworld.

I am also author of the Boardgame "Vem aí a Troika", a satirical take on the causes of the Portuguese debt crisis


Last revised: March 26, 2013