Monsaraz and Lisbon, PORTUGAL, 1st - 10th September 1997

The main feature of noncommutative geometry is a new idea of geometric space, encoded within an algebra, noncommutative in general, instead of a set made up of points, the geometry in classical spaces being recovered when the algebra is commutative. The ordinary calculus is replaced by a new calculus of infinitesimals based on the operator formalism of quantum mechanics. The idea had its roots in the beginning of this century but has been thoroughly developed mainly in the last ten years by Alain Connes and his school giving rise to a breakthrough comparable to the non-Euclidean one. Current research includes illuminating applications to particle physics and more recently to number theory.

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1st week
(1st to 6th September)

The summer school activities will take place at Convento da Orada, a spacious convent which has been totally restored a few years ago as a centre for holding seminars and small congresses and is situated in a particularly quiet place rich in megalithic monuments. Situated in the south east of Portugal, 2km from the wonderful medieval village of Monsaraz and linked to Évora by a straight road. The town of Évora is a touristic jewel recognised as a world patrimony by the UNESCO. A modern highway between Évora and Lisbon reduces the distance to about one hour by car.

2nd week (7, 8, 9, 10 September)

In the second week we move to Lisbon. Participants will be accommodated in a modern private college, not far from the Instituto Superior Técnico, the big and spacious Lisbon engineering school, where the courses will take place. During the three following days a Conference on Recent Results in Noncommutative Geometry is tentatively being organized in the same Institute, with conferences by active researchers on the topic, namely by Alain Connes, who has confirmed his presence. Since the offered prices for accomodations at Lisbon will be really accessible, the interested participants can eventually stay there these three days, at their own expenses.

International Advisory Board: A. Connes (Collège de France), S.Doplicher (Univ. La Sapienza,Roma), D.Kastler ( CPT Marseille), A.Ocneanu (Penn State).

Five introductory courses will be offered in an intensive regime:

  • Introduction to noncommutative geometry,by J.C. Várilly (Costa Rica)
  • K-theoretic tools,by G. Skandalis (Paris)
  • C* and von Neumann algebras, by R. Kadison (Pennsylvania)
  • Cyclic cohomology and local index computations, by H. Moscovici (Ohio)
  • The standard model in particle physics, by T. Schücker (Marseille)

  • Contact:
    Paulo Almeida
    Dep. of Mathematics,
    Instituto Superior Técnico,
    Av. Rovisco Pais, 1096Lisboa, PORTUGAL
    e-mail: palmeida@math.ist.utl.pt fax: 351-1-8499242 / 8417290

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    Monsaraz and Lisbon, Portugal, 1st to 10th, September 1997


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    The total expenses of the stay at the school (1st to 10th September) is 450 USdollars distributed as follows.

    1. School fee: 150 USdollars

    2. Accomodations, with breakfast, lunch and dinner included for the first week, and for the 4 remaining days only accomodations with breakfast: 300 USdollars.
    For these 4 remaining days meals at a low price will be available at the University Restaurant.

    3. Excursion fees: For interested participants a touristic trip around Lisbon will be available for a fair price. All remaining touristic excursions fees including the two-way trip from Lisbon airport to Monsaraz, will be free from extra expenses.

    A financial support, to be used parsimoniously, is possible for a limited number of participants.

    Are you applying for a financial support?
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    Accompanying persons (if any):

    Please send this application, using this form, before June 15th. After having sent this form we shall inform you about the acceptance providing you a bank account number where you should send the total fees (450 USdollars).

    The deadline to ask for financial support is June 15th. The decisions will be communicated by the end of June and all the payments should be made before July 20th.

    e-mail: palmeida@math.ist.utl.pt

    snailmail: Instituto Superior Técnico, Dep. de Matemática,

    Summer School on Noncommutative Geometry,

    1096 Lisbon, PORTUGAL

    fax: 351-1-8499242/8417290

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    Lisbon - Instituto Superior Técnico (11
    th to 13th September)

    Current research conferences by a broad spectrum of speakers such as:

    Jean Bellissard, Jacek Brodzki, Martín Carmelo, Ali Chamseddine, Alain Connes, Sergio Doplicher, José Gracia-Bondía, Daniel Kastler, Michel Lapidus, Vida Milani, Henri Moscovici, Adrian Ocneanu, Bert Schroer, Franciscus Vanhecke

    The Conference follows a Summer School on Noncommutative Geometry and Applications to be held at Monsaraz (1st to 6th September) and Lisbon (7th to 10th September).

    Financially Supported by Junta Nacional de Investigação Científica e Tecnológica (JNICT)
    Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian
    Sponsored by European Mathematical Society
    Instituto Superior Técnico

    Paulo Almeida
    Dep. of Mathematics, Instituto Superior Técnico, Av. Rovisco Pais, 1096Lisboa, PORTUGAL
    e-mail: palmeida@math.ist.utl.pt        fax: 351-1-8417598 / 8499242 / 8417290
    Conference homepage: