Research Associate (Investigador) at

CEMAT - Center for Computational and Stochastic Mathematics .

Department of Mathematics
IST- Instituto Superior Técnico
Av. Rovisco Pais 1049-001 Lisboa.


Office: 2.07

Phone: +351 218 419 753
Fax: +351 218 417 048

Research Interests:

- Cardiovascular Mathematics

- Optimal Control problems in Hemodynamics

- Optimal Control Theory

- Stabilization and Estimation for Partial Differential Equations


Modeling and Simulations of Cardiovascular Diseases and Cancer

Lisbon Academy of Sciences, November 13-15, 2017

Past Events:

Nonlinear Mechanics and Applications in Life Sciences"

Autumn School and Workshop: "Data-Driven Computations in the Life Sciences"

Workshop on PDE's and Biomedical Applications

Supervision and co-supervision:

- Iolanda Velho (PhD in Computational Engineering). Ongoing.
- Laura Sumares (MSc in Biomedical Engineering). Ongoing.
- Carolina Ramos (MSc in Biomedical Engineering). Ongoing.
- César Silva (MSc in Applied Mathematics). Ongoing.
- Diana Oliveira (MSc in Biomedical Engineering). Completed in 2016.
- João Marques (MSc in Applied Mathematics). Completed in 2016.
- Ana Torrado (MSc in Biomedical Engineering). Completed in 2015.

Supervision Assistance:

- Telma Silva (PhD in Mathematics). Completed in 2016. Advisors: A. Sequeira and R. Santos.
- Telma Guerra (PhD in Mathematics). Completed in 2014. Advisors: A. Sequeira and L. Trabucho.

Some Computational Results