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I am currently affiliated with the Center for Mathematical Analysis, Geometry and Dynamical Systems (CAMGSD) at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) in Lisbon. My position is funded directly by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT).

Research interests

Differential geometry; Lie theory (in a broad sense including the study of Lie groupoids, orbifolds, foliations, smooth stacks);
Unitary representation theory of Lie groups, C*-algebras; Poisson geometry and quantization; Higher categorical structures

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Centro de Análise Matemática, Geometria e Sistemas Dinâmicos
Pavilhão de Matemática, Instituto Superior Técnico
Av. Rovisco Pais, 1049-001 Lisboa, Portugal
Email: gtrentin 'at'
Fax: (+351) 218417035
 Last updated	January 17, 2018