Projects of F.-O. Speck et al.

  • Operator Relations in Applications. CEAFEL project 2016-..., jointly with L.P. Castro, Aveiro, Portugal.

  • Application of Operator Theory to Mathematical Physics. CEAFEL project 2014-16, jointly with members of CEAFEL and L.P. Castro, Aveiro, Portugal.

  • Operator Theoretical Methods in Problems of Diffraction by Wedges and Cones. FCT project SFRH/BPD/38273/2007, 2007-10, jointly with A.P. Nolasco, Aveiro, Portugal.

  • Toeplitz Operators, Factorization and Corona Problems. I&D project 2007-09, coordinated by M.C. Cāmara.

  • Operator Theoretical Methods in Boundary Value Problems. CEMAT project 2003-06, jointly with F.S. Teixeira, continued in CEAF 2006-09.

  • Algebras of Operators of Non-local Type and Factorization of Oscillatory Symbols. PRAXIS XXI project 1999-2001, coordinated by A. Bastos.

  • Normalization of Operators. CMA project 1997-2002.

  • Operator Factorization and Applications to Mathematical Physics. PRAXIS XXI project 1996-2002, coordinated by A. F. dos Santos.

  • Spline Methods for Wiener-Hopf Equations. JNICT/BMFT project 423/2, 1995-1999, jointly with B. Silbermann, TU Chemnitz, Germany.

  • Singular Operators - New Features and Applications. JNICT/BMFT project 423/1, 1995-1998, jointly with E. Meister, TU Darmstadt, Germany.

  • Foto

  • Wave Diffraction Phenomena, Sobolev Space Methods, and Approximation Theory. DAAD/INIC project 311, 1991-1992, jointly with E. Meister, TU Darmstadt, and B. Silbermann, TU Chemnitz, Germany.

  • Non-classical Wiener-Hopf Problems with Applications in Fracture Mechanics. Subproject in the Forschergruppe Ingenieurwissenschaftliche und mathematische Analyse bruchmechanischer und inelastischer Probleme. DFG project KO 634/32, 1988-1996, coordinated by E. Meister, TU Darmstadt, Germany.

  • Nichtklassische Wiener-Hopf-Probleme mit Anwendungen in der Beugungstheorie. DFG project ME 261/4, 1985-1989, coordinated by E. Meister, TU Darmstadt, Germany.

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