4th Conference of Settat on Operator Algebras and Applications 

27 30 January 2015,
Marrakech, Morocco





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This conference (ICSOAA2015) is the fourth edition after the first in Setttat 28 Nov - 02 Dec 2005, the second in Marrakech 14 -18 April 2008  and the third in Marrakech 15 November 2011, with the proceedings published as special volume in Journal of Operators and Matrices and in Annals of Functional Analysis


The conference is intended to be a comprehensive, inclusive conference covering all aspects of theoretical and applied operator algebras.


Main topics of the conference:

                     Noncommutative Geometry

                     Noncommutative Probabilities

                     Noncommutative Harmonic Analysis

                     Banach *-algebras and C*-algebras

                     Nonselfadjoint Operator Algebras and Operator Theory

                     Classification of Operator Algebras in Hilbert C*-modules

                     Property preserving Linear maps of Banach Algebras

                     Operator Algebras and Dynamical Systems

Organizing committee:

Main Organiser: Rachid El Harti -- or

Sponsors: University Hassan I  and IMU



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