R. Celorrio Ms. Celorrio K. Y. Kim S. Kim T. Hohage L. Päivärinta T. Angell A. Kirsch R. Kress F. Hetllich J. Leblond H. Kress A. El Badia R. Potthast V. Tsiporin P. Gaitan N. Diniz A. Silvestre M. Cristofol P. Ribeiro P. Serranho L. Rundell A. Ben Abda H. Orlande M. Jaoua  
Workshop on

Instituto Superior Técnico 
Lisbon, Portugal

November 4-6, 2002



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Organizing committee:
C. J. S. Alves (IST)
A. Kirsch (Univ. Karlsruhe)

Local organizing committee:
G. Pires (IST), A. Silvestre (IST)

Further information:

Group Photo (Bus Tour - near Jeronimos Monastery) other photos

(... we are still collecting photos of the event)

Submissions to the IMACS journal
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
are expected until December 31, 2002 
via wiop@math.ist.utl.pt


Project POCTI-MAT/34735/99
 Centro de Matemática e Aplicações
 do Instituto Superior Técnico
 International Association for Mathematics 
 and Computers in Simulation
Last Update: November 18, 2002

About the picture: One of the usual schemes -  three unknown objects inside a sphere are to be determined from the knowlegde
of the generated densities on the boundary. These three objects look like an inverted pi, meaning ip... inverse problems.
The picture was obtained with the help of the ray tracer code POV.