Computational Fluid Dynamics

Schedule for the Summer School

CIM, Coimbra, July 12-17, 1999

Chairman: A. Quarteroni

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Reception _ _ _ _
A. Quarteroni C. Canuto B. Perthame Y. Maday B. Perthame
Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee break Coffee break Coffee break
Y. Maday A. Quarteroni A. Quarteroni C. Canuto B. Perthame
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch. Lunch
C. Canuto Y. Maday Y. Maday C. Canuto __
Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break_ Coffee Break _
Short Comm. B. Perthame A. Robertson A. Quarteroni __
_ _ Short Comm._ Short Comm. _


_ _ _School Dinner _ _

Talks will take place in Coimbra at C. I. M.,
Observatório Astronómico de Coimbra (please check the location)

A. Quarteroni
(Poli. Milano, Italy and
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland)
Domain Decomposition Methods in Fluid Dynamics.
Y. Maday
(ASCI-CNRS, Orsay and
Univ. Paris VI, France)
Spectral Methods for Incompressible and Compressible Flows
C. Canuto
(Poli. Torino, Italy)
Multilevel Methods in Fluid Dynamics

B. Perthame
(Ecole Normale Supérieure,
Paris, France)
An Introduction to Numerical Methods
for Fluid Dynamics and Upwind Schemes
A. Robertson
(Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA)
Fluid Dynamical Modeling of
Cerebral Aneurysms
Short Communications Short Communications of 25 min. each will
be presented by invited researchers.