Journée Luso-Tunisienne
Applied Mathematics

Main topics:
Inverse Problems related to Crack Detection
Mathematical and Numerical Analysis in Fluid Mechanics


Alves C.J.S. (CMA-IST)
On the far field operator in elastic obstacle scattering
Chaker H. (LAMSIN)
The high field asymptotics for degenerate
semiconductors: initial and boundary layer analysis.
Gmati N. (LAMSIN)
Méthodes d'itération de sous domaines pour la résolution
d'un problème de propagation dans un guide d'ondes.
Jaoua M. (LAMSIN)
Recovery of cracks from lacking boundary data
Sequeira A. (CMA-IST)
On the constitutive modelling of blood flow in microvessels
Silvestre A. L. (CMA-IST)
Attainability of steady self-propelled translational motion
of a symmetric rigid body in a Navier-Stokes liquid

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Support: CMA-IST, ICCTI, FCT-POCTI (Portugal), LAMSIN-ENIT, SERST (Tunisia)