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CDI I 2006-2007



Research Interests

Domain of specialization:   
Operator Theory and Operator Algebras

Present research interests:
Non-Local Algebras. Algebras of Convolution Type Operators and Toeplitz  Algebras.
Problems and Factorization:

  • Fredholm and invertibility theory for non-commutative Banach algebras in particular for Toeplitz algebras and for operator algebras of convolution type. Invertibility theory in operator algebras of non-local type. Representations of non-local algebras with groups of shifts. Non-local operator algebras aiming at establishing an invertibility theory applicable to classes of C* crossed products.
  • Factorization theory for oscillatory matrix symbols having in mind relations with other branches of Mathematics such as Complex Analysis and some areas of applications of Mathematics. Corona Problems and Factorization of semi-almost periodic matrix symbols.